Vexations review

The Vexations marathon-style performance I was involved in a few weeks back is now featured in a piece (review?) on New Music Box! It’s interesting to read about this from an audience perspective. Also makes me squirm seeing an actual review of my playing in print. From the article:

„By the time Kelsey Walsh slid onto the bench at 9 p.m, her straightforward, unvarying approach seemed a surprising and radical choice by comparison. It also allowed for a completely different relationship to the piece from the audience’s perspective. The three performers before her explored as many facets of this tiny gem as they could and, in so doing, explored aspects of their own musical and emotional selves to uncover what they could bring to such a small amount of material. But by not doing any of this excavation, Walsh instead handed the audience a steady point to meditate on, putting the exploratory work into each listener’s hands and showing that the least varied could in some ways be the most rewarding.“

Vexations – newmusicbox/Sid Chen


September 8-9 (6 PM Saturday through about 2 PM Sunday) I’ll be one of about 20 bay area pianists participating in a complete performance of Erik Satie’s Vexations. The performance will take place at the Berkeley Arts Festival.

I’m looking forward to it!