New Music Gathering, 2015

I spent a large part of the past few days at the first annual New Music Gathering, here in San Francisco. It was great to see so many people who write, perform, appreciate, support, and otherwise enjoy new music come together to share ideas. Presentations covered all kinds of topics related to new music, relating to audiences, preparing a piano, music criticism, women in new music, etc. There were concerts, there were talks, panels, conversations over lunch, meeting of new people, reuniting with old friends. #NMG2015 was the first conference I’ve been to, and overall I’d like to say I enjoyed the experience!

Thanks to everyone involved who made this event happen, and here’s hoping it becomes a lasting part of the new music community!

Here are some photos from my presentation on Henry Cowell from the first day of the conference:



And here’s one of the crowded cafe in the San Francisco Conservatory in a brief break between panels: