Papers, papers, and more papers!

I am still writing papers, yes! And the pile of possible topics only grows with each passing day. Eventually, after I’ve read through the latest pile of books and articles and journals and analysis and scores the supply of topics should narrow down.

I’ve always loved this part of academic writing: the reading, studying, listening, the taking of notes. It’s the part of the paper-writing process when you learn the most. Luckily, I’ve picked a few different things to look into, so my listening isn’t confined to one century or one composer at the moment. I get a good mix of 19th century bravura (thanks, Liszt) and huge quantities of 20th century music for varying kinds of instruments, and some used in less-than-traditional ways. It’s been a great week; I’m getting a lot done! Thanks to conversations with several People Who Know What They Are Doing, I feel as though I’m on the right path, things are look up (read: bookish), and life is good!

Now, time to figure out how to get two armloads of books home with only enough arms for one arm load.

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